We are a Holistic Animal Welfare Society

All animals deserve our respect and kindness, but none more so than the pets who so depend on us for their well-being, shelter, food, and companionship.  Pawsitive Souls helps those in need, one beautiful soul at a time. We do not have a sanctuary at this time and depend on foster homes to help save lives. By donating or fostering you can help us make our planet a safer and more love-filled place for all living beings. 

All photography provided by Dolores Matthys - Furry Zen

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Pup-Dates and Meows

  • We are not breed or age specific, but we do have a huge soft-spot for seniors, especially those who find themselves in kill-shelters. Your support is what makes change happen. Make your secure donation here and save a life or two. We are a registered non-profit; our EIN# 47-1125441. Thank you!

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We need you!

We need you!


Find out about our organization, mission, and passion for animals.

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There are many ways you can support us; many at no cost to you. To see how you, visit here...

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