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Kahlua & Cream-y

These two bonded, mature girls found themselves in a bad spot a few months ago. An over-crowded shelter in LA County is no place for a couple of little ladies! Since moving up to Oregon the girls, believed to be mother and daughter, have been spayed, had some nasty mammary tumors removed, and got a much needed dental. Both are thriving on their real-food diet, supplements, and Cream-y is getting some much needed relief from doggy cannabis. Kahlua weighs ~ 10lbs and is probably around 10 yrs old. She's spunky, smart, loves playing fetch with her little tennis ball, and won't pass up any treats. Cream-y (Momma) is a little older and tiny (~4.5 lbs), but she has tons of love to give and now that she gets some pain relief she's even showing her playful side. Her little play-bows are just pure joy to watch!

The girls are looking for a kind and mildly active home to be spoiled in. We are monitoring both for any further mammary issues since they were spayed at such a late stage, but otherwise they seem to be in good health. Keep them on home-cooking or another real-food diet and these girls will bring you many wonderful moments. 

They are a little protective of one another around other dogs (and cats) initially, so a home without other pets would be ideal, but with the right and patient support they will live with other calm furries. 

Can you provide these girls with a holistic-minded, loving home? Contact us with your info and a bit about your lifestyle and we'll see if these two are the right pair of troublemakers for you. If not, we'll be happy to help you find a better fitting rescue pup in need of lovin's.


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