All photography provided by Dolores Matthys - Furry Zen

Creating an animal rescue was always in the plans, but living in San Antonio for a over a year turned it into an action plan. There are Millions of pets out there who need our help, and they need it NOW.


Our Mission

We are a Holistic Animal Welfare Society focusing on the well-being of the animals who share our lives, near and far. We participate in rescue, rehabilitation, and care with a holistic focus and look to engage, educate, and encourage everyone to provide the best possible living environment for our fellow beings.

Saving one animal may not change the world,
but surely for that one animal,
the world will change forever!
— Unknown - Please consider Adopting or Fostering today

Our Focus and Passion

  • EDUCATE and provide resources to guardians
  • Rescue and provide HOLISTIC medical care to the pets in our (foster) care
  • Provide HOSPICE care, resources and assistance to guardians
  • Provide HOSPICE for the pets in our care
  • Assist SENIOR or terminally ill guardians with resources and a potential safe haven for their beloved companion(s) when they can no longer care for them
  • Rescue SENIOR pets in danger at (kill) shelters across the country and provide them with a safe and loving environment to live out their life
  • ADVOCATE and EDUCATE for a kinder world for all beings

We do not discriminate based on breed, gender, age, size, color, sexual-orientation, gender or species identification, hair-do, or physical challenges. We LOVE them all!