Just a quick note

Some may wonder why there's all these photos of puppies and kittens, while we are a rescue focusing on senior pets.

Well, two reasons; One, when we created the rescue in San Antonio, we were helping any animal we could. The dogs we rescued while down there all found homes here in the Portland area. The adult dogs were either per adopter request, or we happened to have a spot (sort of) and filled it with an adoptable dog about to be killed. The two puppies, they found me, literally!  One broke out of her kennel and ran after me down the hallway, the other was running loose on a busy street around the corner from the animal control.  Right place, right time. And while working at a kitten nursery, the flow of kittens at our house was a constant.

And two, I have a lot of photos of those cuties, so when the website first was created, they went up. Now that the "senior photos" have become more prevalent, we'll start changing some out. That said, we won't forget about the puppies, bottle-baby kittens, and death row dogs we saved in the early days. We would do it again, as they all deserve a shot. 

If we could save them all, we would...and as a society we can, and we will!